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Shezlash is one of great products supplies in NY, and NJ area.

They have served service salon, medical spas, and lash boutiques.

The branch president Marie has been in beauty industry about 20 years.

She developed a lot of new skill and accepted new trends of beauty industry in the cities New York, and New Jersey.

Marie brought Shezlash to North Carolina and we want to spread out the beauty in North Carolina as New York and New Jersey does.

iBeautyStudio delivers certified Eyelash extensions and Semi permanent makeup product of Shezlash to NC.

Eyelash extension is an exciting new service that will completely change the way you look and feel. 

Lash extensions are not only for special occasions or celebrities but for everyday wear and for women of all ages.

Create your own looks with our longer and thicker lashes while still looking effortless. 


iBeautyStudio can customize the design of the lashes to create different looks to dramatic and sexy lashes.

Semi permanent makeup is a groundbreaking cosmetic technique that has spread across the world.

Semi permanent makeup can last up to 2-3 years.(It varies from many factors.) It results in flawless and time saving results.

In the recent years, the industry of semi permanent makeup has expanded tremendously not only in the cosmetic industry but into other areas such as the medical fields.

Corrective procedures like giving the illusion of fuller hair for alopecia patients or giving areolar tattoos.

Semi permanent is not only suitable for women, but for men as well. It is resistant to sweat and water, which means you can enjoy water sports and vigorous exercise without worry.

This is a perfect solution to women with makeup allergies. Women can conveniently achieve a natural makeup look without putting on actual makeup everyday.

This can greatly reduce makeup time to little or no time. This is a great way to also boost women’s self esteem and confidence.

iBeautyStudio can give the perfect appearance for those who seek a youthful and flawless appearance every day

  • Worked in New Jersey(2016~)

         Chief Technician in Mesmereyeze at Edgewater​

  • ​Worked in New York(2013~)

         Technician Manager in JJ Eyelash Extension at SOHO

         Master Technician in Soho Eyelash Extension​ at Queens​

  • Worked in Denver as an Ind. Technician​(2007~)

  • Worked in South Korea as Instructor of ESSE(2003~)

  • AAM(The American Academy of Micropigmentation)  Fellow member

  • EBI(EXCLUSIF BEAUTE INSTITUTE OF BEAUTY) Completion for Skin Virus Specialist

Marie Kim

   I love what I do. When it comes to doing eyelash extensions, I prioritize health over beauty. Eyelashes must be healthy in order to be beautiful. It is my goal for my clients to have healthy, comfortable, convenient, and beautiful eyelashes wherever they go.

   I have been working in the beauty industry for over 20 years in the New York and New Jersey area. I work with clients of many different ages, races, and backgrounds, and I always do my best to make sure they are happy and satisfied. I want only the best for my clients, so I make sure to use only certified, good-quality products.

   I have also taught many students while working in the beauty industry so that they can develop the same technique and skill that I have. I know that applying eyelash extensions is an art form that requires sensitivity, steadiness, accuracy, and the expression of beauty, so I make sure each of my students develops the right skills set and that my students are honest and responsible. I want every one of my students to become a great beauty technician, and I am very proud of all the students I have taught.

   I greatly enjoy bringing out beauty and confidence in my clients, and I want to provide excellent service for each of them so that they can carry that beauty and confidence with them in every area of their lives.

Lash Artist
Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Certificates & Licenses

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